What’s Inside the Honey Badger Folding Knife?

The Makings of a Well Designed Knife

One of our customers in San Diego submitted this image of his well used Honey Badger stripped into base components.

The Honey Badger knife series has been amazingly successful, and it’s probably due to it’s perfect balance of quality and price.

Sure, there are far more expensive knives on the market using only the most sought after components, but those knives start at $80 upwards.

Unless you are a serious collector you probably won’t want to use your most pricey item as your every day carry. You also don’t want to use a real cheapie with a blade that won’t stand up to even the most moderate of tests.

This is where the Honey Badger shines. A great combination of components that delivers a great experience. Probably what sets it apart from the thousands of other knives on the market are the two opposing roller bearings that give it a smooth opening every time. 


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